Error in Bisq offers:

Error in BISQ offers:
I have two BISQ wallets, one on the notebook and one on the desktop. I made two ads on the notebook selling XMR by BTC at a percentage of 1.05% and 1.07% respectively. In my notebook the percentage appears correctly, but in other bisq wallets, like the one I installed on the desktop, they don’t appear.
Note that these first two ads on my notebook (dark screen) do not appear published in the book for other people, when opening the desktop. Both have the same version of Bisq and are synchronized with the network, and all offers on the notebook are active to appear.

Hi thanks for the post.

I think the issue is likely due to Bisq not having a centralized offer book. It relies on peers connecting to other peers.

It might be in your example the different Bisq instances are not connected to the same peers. I would check to see what it says at the bottom: Bitcoin network peers: x / Bisq network peers: x

See if they are equal.

You can also check Bisq > Setting > Network info

This will show you what peers are connected.

If you would like to test with me come onto Keybase and message me in the support channel: Keybase

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thank you @Pazza

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When I see in the footer: “Bisq network peers: 10” does it mean that there are only ten people online at bisq who can see my offers?

No, you are connected to 10 peers but those 10 peers might be connected to other 10 peers who might be connected to another 10 peers…
And they all share the same information. There is no shared central database for offers, but all peers should have a very similar information, other than maybe small delays due to latency.

That’s why I don’t know what could be causing the issue you experienced.

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