Error message on startup and when trying to take offers

Hi everyone,

I get an error popup each time I start up Bisq and also when I try to take an offer to buy Bitcoin. Please see this screenshot:

After I click Close on the message, Bisq takes a long time to check if the offer is available and finally displays a popup saying that “Timeout has been reached: peer has not responded”. This however happens for every offer I try to take.

What is going on?

Also, is this related? Bisq appears to permanently be syncing the DAO and there is a thin scrolling green line underneath the number of connected peers; is that normal?

I don’t know if it is related (I’ll search a bit).
But it is not normal. It happens from time to time. atm the way to solve it is simply to restart the appli. Generally restarting is sufficient to solve the problem.

Bisq is quite greedy about your internet connection, especially at startup.
So if you have a slow internet connection, this may explain your issues.

If the error persists, I suggest that you please do what is asked in the error screen.
This will have the devs know about the issue, and see what is doable.

Hi Homard,

Thank you for your response. The error I described is happening on two different machines; on Ubuntu Linux and on OSX. Have restarted the app many times. I will try to open the issue on GitHub, if I find the time.

Is there any more info in the log file?

You can always rename your data directory and start Bisq from scratch, if you don’t have any ongoing trades at the moment. You can recover your coins with your seed words or a backup,

Please note that you should never run Bisq on two PCs if you transferred the data directory from one to the other. Only one of those PCs can run it from that day forward.

Data directory is at different locations on various operating systems:

  • Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq
  • Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bisq

I renamed the data directory and imported my fiat account accounts, this solved the problem. Before that however I did open the issue on GitHub as well. Thanks for your help!

It is good that you opened an issue on GitHub. Thank you for helping find the bugs in Bisq :blush: