Error message on Trade

I have this detail on an open trade. It’s a trade I created to buy BTC with GBP.

An error occurred at task: BuyerVerifiesPreparedDelayedPayoutTx
Donation address is invalid.
Address used by BTC seller: 3Et…
Recent donation address:3A8Z…
Default donation address: 1BVxN…

What does this error imply? How can it be resolved? It’s in ‘open trades’

I have the same issue, there is clearly something wrong with BISQ yet they haven’t halted trading. This software is way to unreliable to trust with money.

This problem with the “invalid donation address” is a known problem since a couple of days.

According to the support channel @ Keybase the trade will go to the failed state after a restart of Bisq.

With this error only the trading fee transaction is published, but not the deposit transaction.

There is a possibility to get a refund for the transaction fee paid.

The problem seems to occur if not both trader are using the latest version of Bisq.

Thanks, I restarted and it ended up in failed trades.

How do I obtain the transaction fee refund? Can you advise?

Create an issue here and follow the template: