Error on a trade

Trade “aikOA” with a very weird bug.
the 3 transactions aren’t related:
maker tx - b4b25063df8e060348d7f859e8f6dc1ea9d068c6a58072c18ac4fef7397b8fb6
taker tx - 0750216d97ac246f9d397169cc920eb1b42a7c2c9c163c33f416dac977c7e8f9
deposit tx - 7fd51618161ffc9bf97b0ede7289d3c2168bd43f9394d23bd909c5b9741f651d

the btc seller received the payment and released the btc to the buyer but the payout was never made to the correct btc address. but rather to this one: 1Frhz7rdX7onjfccV8AdeKEjagxuWQd4p7

there’s no ‘depositTxId’ for the trade ‘aikOA’ when looking in the ‘trades_statistics.json’ file that the Bisq software dumps. In fact the payout to 1Frhz7rdX7onjfccV8AdeKEjagxuWQd4p7 belongs to a different trade (DLPFDYIP). in which everything matches up and had no problem.