Error on transaction. Fee is lost?


I started a transaction to buy 0.03BTC but the seller disconnected causing a timeout error. I recovered my diposit, but, what happened with the transaction Fee? I lost the 0.001188 transaction fee? There are the transaction details:

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I can not answer you this with certainty, I can just tell you that in the past the trading fee was sometimes refunded manually by Manfred when the problem was due to a bug. Most of the fee is often just Bitcoin mining fee for the transactions, so as you might understand that fee really isn’t in the team’s hands. It is there mostly just to stop the spam on the network.

You will have to wait for this to see what the team might decide in this case.

Thanks alexej996 for your reply. But I need to open a dispute o something like that? Because I cant found where to do it… Or simply wait and they will take a decision by theirselves?

No, disputes are only for trades. I guess this will be sorted out by the team soon, you can just wait for now. Luckily trading fee is pretty small compared to most of the trades, but I do understand your worry. :slight_smile:

Well, is not to much, but with todays BTC price I’m losing about $20 for nothing, and it’s not funny :frowning:

Thanks for your replies. I’ll wait and comment again if I get the refund or not.

Can you send me the log file? I am investigating the reason for that issue. I will PM you my email.

@ManfredKarrer, did you and @Metanei get this worked out?

Hi Chris,

I did not read your messages until today. I send just right now the log file to Manfred to check it. Thanks for your support.

Metanei, please PM me, reference this post, and provide as much information as you can. I am working through a backlog of these issues, and we’ll work this out together. Please note that due to the Christmas holiday, my availability is limited, though.

I am in a similar situation, only I’m the maker. Transaction failed (I don’t know why) and now it appears my transaction fee is gone. Should I start a new thread? Trade ID: “AkqlsC”

@jeka Much has changed since 3 years ago :slight_smile: … If a trade failed and you lost the fee you may open an issue with the DAO to have it refunded. Create a new issue, you may look at previous entries as a guide.

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