Error on transaction

Hello, I tried to take an offer and it threw up an error after taking my deposit.

This is the third time this has happened. The last time ( a few days back, this site was down and hence I could not get any help.)

Could you please help me get back my deposit.


We are working on that issue…

The deposit should not be taken otherwise it is an open trade. Try restart the app to see if the balances are as expected. If a trade started it should be visible in open trades or failed trades screen. In both cases the arbitrator will resolve the issue.

Hi Manfred, I have restarted the app with no luck. I have not received it back. Please do the needful to ensure i get it back.

Could you kindly update me on how I will get my payment back? It has been many days already.


Hi @9535726885, I am a Bisq arbitrator. please send me a private message here on the forum, and I’ll work with you on this. Thanks!