Error reply: Invalid key type After Upgrading To 1.9.4

I had opened BISQ just fine and it prompted me to do an upgrade to 1.9.4 just a few moments ago. I think the last version was 1.5.5 (I haven’t used it in a while). It seemed like the upgrade was successfully installed but now I can’t load BISQ.

All I’m seeing right now is:

“Warning: Connecting to the Bisq network failed (reported error: Error reply: Invalid key type). Please check your internet connection or try to restart the application.”

I have restarted the application several times already and can’t seem to find anything online about this error. Disabling Tor also didn’t fix it, and my internet is otherwise working fine.

Any idea what I should try to get this to work?

The error “Invalid key type” points to something that Bisq doesn’t like about your Tor private key.
Please close Bisq and try renaming the whole tor folder in data directory to something else, like tor.old, this will recreate the whole folder on next Bisq restart, and I expect should make your Bisq work.