Error taking first 2 offers, lost taker's fee

Hi, new to Bisq here… i love the idea behind it but something’s wrong:
I just tried taking my first two offers (from different sellers) and the same problem happened with both:

  • I had enough in the internal wallet for the security deposit, no problem there
  • Bisq took long time in the process of taking the offer (not sure if it’s considered long, it must have been around 40 seconds or 1 minute or more, didn’t measure).
  • Bisq says there was an Error and that in the worst case i lost the taker’s fee (and yes i lost them) saying to restart and to check my network connection (my internet works fine).

What am i supposed to do? Is this a scam from the selleres or something? I really wanted to start using Bisq but my first two attempts at buying BTC i get error and lose funds? Doesn’t seem reasonable for me to try a 3rd time unless i know how to prevent this problem.

Please help :frowning:

Edit: When i check the details of both of the “Taker and tx fee” transactions, the field “Error message” has the text: “A timeout occurred.”

It is nothing to worry about, these timeouts happen for some users or some offers. It could be due to some network issues.

For lost trading fees you can PM @ManfredKarrer or @cbeams. You will likely be refunded for those when you explain them the problem.

Thanks, i will PM them.

But what do i do now to stop having these issues? I know i just started using bisq but do you believe it was just bad luck that 2 out of 2 buying attempts failed?

Did you had some strange bugs or instable network?

Hi. No i have not had any bug or network problems that I was aware of. I’ve sent you the info you asked.

Being my first two trade attempts on Bisq, should i attempt a third one or wait? Is there a way to predict this kind of error before taking the offer?

Thank you!

I wouldn’t suggest you try again, just in case.
I don’t think there is a way to predict these kind of issues.

Ok i won’t try. But notice that these two trade attempts were with two different sellers. So do you mean i shouldn’t try again any trade on bisq with any seller, ever?

Not necessarily forever, but there is a risk they could fail again if you don’t figure out the cause of the issue or have some reason to believe that the problem might be solved.

Trading fees aren’t very expensive, so there isn’t much you could really lose by attempting this again, but there is a risk of course since we don’t know what causes the issue in your scenario.

You’re right, better not to risk until i know more. @ManfredKarrer told me they’re working on the issue and i already sent him my log. Will wait for his answer/advice. Thanks for putting me in touch with him.

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There is nothing strange in the logs beside a few connection issues with bitcoin network. But should not be the reason, though instable / slow network can lead to such issues.

I would suggest to try it again and if u get another error to set up a new data directory. Sometimes onion addresses get blocked on the tor network (false positives at ddos protection)…

Finally i got it to work!
So after 3 failed (timed out) attempts at taking offers (of which @ManfredKarrer was kind enough to refund me the lost taker fees), I have followed Manfred’s instructions to set up a new data directory and my 4th attempt was finally successful.

In addition to a new directory, a few variables were also different this time. Which of these variables do you think might have made the difference?:
1- I have set up a new data directory.
2- This time, instead of funding the trade from bisq’s internal wallet, i have funded it from an external wallet.
3- Instead of having, in my account, my payment method as “SEPA Instant Payments”, this time i set it up as just “SEPA” (to correspond exactly to the types of offers i was taking).

Could any of these changes be the reason of why it finally worked?

I can imagine only that SEPA instant caused a bug or that the internal wallet database had some issue. We will test SEPA instant if we can find a way to replicate the issue.

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