Error: Transaction did not deserialise completely

Cannot connect to mainnet.

@ManfredKarrer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled works now however I have zero balance in all my accounts including one with a trade 1mlvewv6

strange…i thought it would use the same wallet in the default directory. try hitting ctrl-e (hidden option) when you are in the buy/sell screen. this will show you total balance i believe. dont proceed with moving the funds on that screen/just cancel out. im not exactly sure how it works, so best wait for comments from someone more knowledgeable :slight_smile: .

Thanks, @shrike It does show total balance, however it doesn’t refresh the screen and the transaction pending isn’t visible.

By uninstalling you delete your data directory where the wallet is. But your screenshot shows a trade so you have not deleted the data directory.

It might be that the spv file is corrupted. To fix this follow those steps:

If that does not help the wallet itself is corrupted. Here are instructions how to recover:

Make a backup before doing anything of the above…

Thanks for the concise reply. I will wait until this trade has finished. Then follow the instructions.

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Thanks again Manfred. Deleted the .spvchain file and rebooted. Works a treat.
World Class support.

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