Error/Warning, I dont even know what to do here:

for me this is just jibberish, can anybody help?

You should select the concerned trade,
and hit alt+o (or cmd/ctrl/option+o depending on your OS)
in order to open a support ticket with the concerned arbitrator.

(You seem to have a bunch of issues).

open a dispute the way Homard told you.

If I had to guess, you tried to confirm “payment started” and it told you “please send confirmation again”.

I’ve got similar error messages when this happens to me.

Yes bisq is very frustrating recently, I hope it will improve a lot and we will soon get some kind of 1.0 version that is stable. I enjoy the idea behind the bisq network, but currently the implementation is just a mess and nothings seems to be working in a stable way.

After I got connected back to the peers the issue seems to have resolved itself and I was able to finalize the trade.