Error when running raw java file

Hi guys. When I run

java -jar gui/target/shaded.jar

per the instructions in the git repository ( I get an error popup:

‘Couldn’t generate key’

Is this related to running in a non-standard location or have a ‘screwed the pooch’ in my build someplace? It seems to run fine after I dismiss the error box.

Have you followed all the steps (security files,…) seems the jdk crypto restrictions are not unlocked in your setup.

Yes, I followed the build instruction to the letter.

OS is Windows 7 Home Premium with all updates (except IE11).

Doesn’t happen when I install from the newly-built executable. So this is just an artifact of running the java file. Probably can’t find a needed path or something.

Then the jdk setup is not done correctly. if run rom exe u use the packeaged jdk, if run the jar file u use the system jdk. maybe u have different jdks installed and JAVA_HOME points to a wrong one?

Only one JDK here, it’s a brand new install of Windows 7 as of last week. But I have a different version, 1.8.0_101 not 1.8.0_92

type java -version into the console to see which version is used and chekc if the setup was applied there, or change JAVA_HOME to the newer versin (and apply the setup form the there). JAVA_HOME is set in system vars on windows.

java -version reports what I said: 1.8.0_101

I know about JAVA_HOME and already set it when I installed Java.