Error: You don't have an arbitrator selected (except I do!)

Thought I’d report this weirdness.

I’m looking at an offer that is greyed out (offer to buy SC). When I click on it I get the error “You don’t have an arbitrator selected”.

Interestingly enough, this message does not occur on an offer to sell SC (from the same peer) - the trade is not greyed out and appears available to me.

I currently have two arbitrators available (both selected):
swfmg… and 3b7cf

That must be some sort of a funny bug that is causing this.

PS: see my other issue as well (may be related somehow):

Does that still happen after a restart? Yes seems to be a strange bug, first time I hear of it.

Yes it does, the bug is still present after I restarted the machine.

That is weird. Can you send me the log file to manfred at bitsquare dot io. u find it at : account/backup/ button to open log

It might be a seed node. I saw some issues there, will restart them. Please try again to restart. If you dont see a seed node at settings/network then the problem is that.

I am seeing a seed node but the problem persists. Sending you my log via e-mail in a minute.

Ah I understand now. He has created the offer when I was the only arbitrator. Now there are 2 other arbitrators and as he has only one which is not active anymore there is no match of the arbitrators between maker and taker. I will try to contact the peer to let him know to remove/re-create the offer.

Could other market makers (who have created offers before date X) be affected by the changed arbitrator list right now?

Before I revoked I checked live offers and there was only one or two. Those offers are prob. created before mid August (when Chris become arbitrator), so mostly those are offer nobody takes (bc of bad price) - but of course there might be others (not been online,…).

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I have a same issue - I see three XMR/BTC (sell BTC) trades, but one of them is greyed out. When I click it I see “You don’t have an arbitrator selected”

Can you post the offer ID?

Wow i have the same error, and surprisingly i did not see this post before i opened a new post:

One of the Siacoin offers is greyed out for me too. Monero also has one offer that is greyed out.

The onion address of the deal is wt7rcy6hq5xehinm.onion, not sure if this is the offer ID you are asking about.

Oops…You should see less of that error now - I removed some of my offers that may have caused this.

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