Escrow service feature

If I buy anything on a open market with Bitcoin it is always the same question - how to pay without getting cheated.

Maybe it would be nice feature if Bitsquare would provide an escrow service for parties who make deals outside of the Bitsquare market. Basically BS provides already all the necessary code and infrastructure. That should just be a new dialog. And it would be a good reason to use Bitsquare even for people who do not trade coins here.

i must be missing something here or you are, have you used bitsquare?

yes - you have missed that I am referring to a pure escrow service which can be used for deals outside of Bitsquare. Eg. I buy a smartphone from someone whom I do not trust. Since Bitsquare provides already escrow and multisig signature for market deals it should be easy to implement and could use its arbitration.

That would open a much wider market.

ok i understand now :slight_smile:

Yep. That’s called OpenBazaar.


OpenBazaar is more than just escrow - it integrates the marketplace. But Escrow alone is need in many situations and deals.