Establish relationships with other sites

a lot of these bitcoin “earning” websites have traffic in the areas that are considered emerging markets.

getting a link or banner trade established is crucial to gain more exposure worldwide.

is there a staff member that handles these types of relations?

Great idea!!! Manfred received some donations a while ago he was going to spend on programming bounties. Maybe some is left for a promotional purpose :wink:

Great thanks!
@kenshishido is our new team member and handling such stuff. He works to get our liquidity pushed up. So that is a great input.

@ateoffofbitcoin thanks for your input. as you know we don’t really have the luxury of promotion budget, rather relying on volunteer team members spreading the word. but, I just looked at the site and found its pretty cheap so maybe we give it a try on some of the sites.

i wasn’t exactly thinking of promotional purchases when i mentioned these sites. contacting the webmasters and requesting a link trade is one of the oldest ways of building free link exchanges in the same niche.

eventually those webmasters will rely on decentralized exchanges, bitsquare might inspire some new members to its platform just by trying to reach out.

ah, okay. I should try contacting the webmaster of the sites and see how it goes. thanks.