ETH on bisq

When will Ether be supported on bisq?

I am contacting from ETHlend, we are a decentralized lending platform:

We like bisq and we would love to use and collaborate with you to deliver our services, therefore we are waiting for ETH to be added on bitsqaure.

Ethereum is supported on Bisq and so is Ethereum classic and I believe hundreds of other coins. If they are in top 10 by market cap, they should be supported. Bisq supports an incredible amount of altcoins and adding a new one is pretty easy and requires a simple request in a certain topic on this forum.

You might just not see any offers at the moment, but you can always create one or wait for one to pop up.

I would like to buy ETH, but I can’t see how. Help, anyone?

You need some bitcoins to use as a security deposit.
You can also only buy ETH with bitcoins so you will need your trade amount as well as with all the fees.

You need to setup an altcoin account in the app by going to “Accounts”.

Then you just need to select the ETH altcoin in the app and click on “I want to sell BTC” button.
That will display you offers for buying ETH with BTC and if there are none that you seem interested in, you can create an offer your self by clicking the appropriate button.

That is more or less the overview, but I am sure that you will be able to figure it out, it is quite intuitive.

Thank you, alexij.
What should I enter for “Ether address?”

I appreciate any help.

While creating an altcoin account for ETH you should enter your ETH address to which you want those ETH to be sent to you once you buy them.

I am very new.
What is RTH address

It is a typo, I meant ETH address :smiley: sorry

How to generate ETH address or where is it on the platform?

You need an Ethereum wallet for that. There are general altcoin wallets out there as well as wallets that are specifically for a certain altcoin. There is plenty of them and you can pick which ever one you like.

Please can you tell me the steps to buy o,12 BTC. I have a Zelle account and this is the first transaction. I have no BTC anyware

Bisq can’t work unfortunately without a security deposit. It is a necessity for a decentralized trade.
You will need BTC for a security deposit. It would be easiest to ask a friend to lend you or sell you some BTC until you finish the trade or any other means of getting some BTC for your first trade.

Can I use BitQuick to buy some BTC and store them in an external hardware wallet an purchasing from Leadger. Then after can I trade ?

You will need to transfer your BTC to fund a trade at one point to your Bisq internal wallet, so it can make a multisig once the trade starts. I am unfamiliar with BitQuick, but if you can send the required amount to the address Bisq will provide you, then sure.

Next question. If I want to buy 1 BTC what is my cost ? in %, mining + transaction + etc

I sent a small amount of BTC in one of Bisq address to be used as security deposit. Now I want to by a small amount of BTC to prov the buying steps including my bank account.

What are the steps ?.