ETH to ZEC exchange

Hi guys.

I am currently mining ZEC and would like to exchange it to ETH. I started really liking the decentralization philosophy behind Bisq and want to use it as my main exchange solution. However, will it be possible in near future to have ETH/ZEC and ZEC/ETH exchanged? Or, if not, can you suggest some other exchange portal that is reliable and safe. Because I saw lots of negative comments about all other exchanges, and I am kind of resentful in using them.

You can exchange both ETH and ZEC to and from BTC in Bisq. So you can sell ZEC for BTC and then buy ETH with BTC. Currently all trading pairs require either BTC by default or LTC if you change the base currency in your Bisq settings. I am unaware of any plans to add ETH as base currency and that might be difficult for the developers to do. Bisq needs some requirements for the base currency as the trade protocol works on top of it, in a way, by using multisigs. It could also be difficult because of the libraries used in Bisq code, but I am not certain of that.