[EU/UK/PL] Get cash / Blik option

Hey, please also consider get cash from RBS/Natwest/Tesco in UK, also Blik in Poland.

This method allows you to withdraw cash from ATM without card, using only code provided by buyer/sender.

i offer btc —>.btc buyer choosing my offer—> buyer providing me 6 digit code —> i moving to ATM to use the code and get the cash. Once all done btc released to buyer.

Same rule apply to Blik in Poland.

Some ref:
Blik- all Polish banks use this :slight_smile:


Get cash code - UK

Time for release no more than 2/3 hours.
Chargeback - None

Proof of delivery or non delivery: receipt from ATM / banks statement.

Thanks for the input. I’ll check these out tomorrow.