Evertec's ATH Móvil in Puerto Rico


A company previously owned by the largest bank in Puerto Rico has successfully deployed an intra-bank / credit union fiat transfer app called ATH Móvil. (http://movil.ath.com/). Most people have it installed in the country.

The only needed information to send or receive fiat is the mobile phone number.

I wonder if it could be added so we can further promote Bisq inside Puerto Rico. Because of the financial crisis here, many people interested in bitcoin and the only option is Coinbase and Gemini at the moment.



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Thanks. If anyone can work out all requirements I am happy to add it. Chargeback risk is the most important aspect to check, as well if and how the arbitrator can check the transfer if there is a dispute.


Thanks for the reply. The only requirement for person to person is a phone number and for businesses using the app to get paid something they call a pATH, which is something like : /Business

More info : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2SB1pHCeOU

It should be rare, at least initially, that someone would use a business account, but it could be possible.

Once payment sent, a confirmation email is sent both ways. The email only shows amount and name of sender/receiver. In the case of the sender it show the debit card associated with the payment.

Inside the app you can further go and see confirmation and a reference number at both ends.



Researching about chargebacks the only place mentioned in their FAQ is this.


What I do if I send money to the wrong person?
You need to get in contact with your financial institution and make a claim. Your institution will help you to recover your money by way of a good faith collection effort, but it is not responsible of recuperating the money you sent by mistake.

What I do if I send the wrong amount?
If you transfer an incorrect amount of money, you need to get in touch with the person you sent it so you can get the amount you sent in error. We’re not responsible to recover the money you sent by mistake.

My take is that it is very difficult to make a chargeback, basically they’re saying : “you’re on your own”

Another detail is that the maximum daily transfer per card / account is $500.

I hope this helps.



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Well. Apparently there’s no interest in expanding the user base as no answer to this request in weeks.

I am sorry that nobody worked on that. I am on holdiday and will be also too busy afterwards to work on such stuff. Hope somebody will still show up to pick that low hanging fruit task…

Oh. Thanks @ManfredKarrer. Have the time to point me out what I need to learn/know to resolve such low hanging fruit task myself?