Every error withdraws BTC from my Bisq wallet

I tried to accept a trade and there was an error, clearly stating that no funds would leave my wallet. Yet in my transaction list appeared a 0.001006 BTC outgoing “withdrawal” labeled as “Withdrawn from wallet”, as if I had manually sent it somewhere else.

Later in the day I tried to create my own offer and a similar error occurred, this time with 0.0027965 BTC now “Withdrawn from wallet”…

I have never withdrawn any funds from my Bisq wallet and yet a total of 0.0038025 BTC is now on its way to 1DDZW8jBJKFGPh1VAB8akP1oZkFJsYFgAk, an address which has harvested over $30k since August…?

I am pretty sure that this is the trade fee, but I could be wrong.
Fee does get sent out of wallet on every offer creation or taking.
Historically the fee has been to small to matter and was there just for spam prevention, but with the sharp rise of Bitcoin price and the mining fees, this might get kinda high for some users.

I wouldn’t keep taking offers if I was you and would wait until the app is working correctly for you.
Working with the devs so they can find the bug would be the best here, but it would take some time as they are busy at the moment.

Hi @alexej996. Thanks for your reply. How do I raise this with the devs? And how can I know not to create/accept offers until it’s working without creating/accepting offers to see if the error is still occurring? It would also help if the trade fee was labeled appropriately rather than being labeled as a withdrawal.

It is very possible that devs are already working on this issue, you can check Github issues to see if this is one of them and post your experience there and if your issue isn’t listed there, you can create it and devs will close it once it is fixed.

Perhaps it would be the best in your scenario not to open trades until either new Bisq version is out or you are using perhaps a different computer.

Thanks again. I’ve actually made a few trades since then and the error only occurred once more and no funds left my account that time, so hopefully it’s sorted :slight_smile:

Argh I should have listened to you! I just tried to create a new offer and the error occurred again causing a 0.002299 BTC withdrawal worth over $40 USD… I have a feeling it might be due to any loss of network connection while the offer is being created.