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I work for a startup called Trivial ( and currently, we’re building “the Ethereum blockchain interface”, a platform where you can check anyone’s tokens & transactions.

To be more transparent to the users, we want to tag all the exchanges addresses (so when users track their history, they don’t need to remember when, for example, they made a withdraw from the exchange - they will see the exchange’ label). In order to do that we need the exchanges addresses. So can you please give me the addresses you use for the exchange (withdrawal and deposit addresses, provided that every user doesn’t have his/her own address).

Also, can you tell me what is the process and costs, if we wanted to be listed on your exchange (with erc-20 token)? Are there any requirements we should meet?

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Bisq is a decentralized exchange. It holds no user funds.
Deposit and withdrawal are only done between the app’s internal wallet and trader’s external wallet.
So there are no such addresses that Bisq can provide you in order to track deposit’s and withdrawals, as these funds never leave user’s ownership. Withdrawing from Bisq could be as simple as exporting your internal wallet’s private keys that no one else has access to.

In order to list a token on Bisq, requirements and procedure in this document must be met