Exploring a partnership between Bisq <> Kleros

gm! This is Akhil from Kleros (https://kleros.io/), a decentralised dispute resolution protocol. I’m looking to connect with someone from the Bisq team to discuss possible partnerships as I think that Bisq’s decentralised exchange could use some of our decentralised products to enable better user experience.

Given the above, how did you think kleros fits with Bisq nature and mission?

Kleros’ products are entirely decentralised and powered by game theoretic incentives. A few grants and incubator participations during early days doesn’t quite change that!

We build decentralised public goods and don’t charge platform fees or anything of that sort. This is exactly why a Bisq <> Kleros partnership would work - I feel that our Escrow product for OTC trade, decentralised court for any disputes arising on Bisq beyond the scope governed by smart contracts and our Governor product for DAO governance are all interesting angles which we could explore! Would be great to jump on call and discuss the same :slight_smile:

I also feel like Bisq could use our decentralised TCR for ERC-20 tokens, the only completely decentralised and widely adopted token registry, for listing altcoins on your platform (used on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Deversifi, etc). This will be a way of ensuring that you bring only legit tokens which follow a certain criteria and guidelines don’t onboard scam coins or ponzis. Illegitimate submissions are challenged by the public when they don’t adhere to the guidelines/criteria for that list.

We could discuss Bisq using our credible ERC-20 TCR and also explore curation of other token/exchange/asset lists which are needed by Bisq via our Curate product!

Bisq has a very functional dispute resolution in place already, how do you reckon that is not “good enough” to the point of needing an external partnership?

ser not everything is an attack lol, just exploring possibilities. By proposing possible alternatives, I’m sure I’m making the Bisq team and community just think about current mechanisms in place and if it could be improved.

I’m not sure how dispute resolution at Bisq works at the moment, whether it’s centralised, etc. Having an external dispute resolution mechanism makes the entire system credibly neutral and removes it from any bias from insiders. This will reflect well on Bisq.

Kleros’ credibly neutral arbitration system has been in place for years now and is almost a standard for decentralised dispute resolution. Wondering if Bisq could make use of this. Specifically, I feel that our decentralised TCR and Escrow products really makes sense here and I’d love to explore partnership angles around them.

So yeah - if you’re from the Bisq team or if you could connect me with someone from the team, that would be great! Would be happy to jump on a call to discuss specifics and to explore possible partnerships :slight_smile:

Has Kleros court judged if Kleros is entirely decentralized?
I would say it isn’t since it’s based on ETH POS blockchain.

Being you the one that comes to the forum to sell your “product”, it would have been nice if you knew something about the current dispute resolution mechanism.
The degree of decentralization of Bisq dispute resolution is not huge, but works pretty well.
Mediators need to lock BSQ in order to perform their role, and if they misbehave those locked BSQ will surely be lost through voting.

Also, a part of Bisq goal towards decentralization is that there aren’t many people willing to participate on calls. Specially for “partnership” strategies, it’s preferred to keep the discussions in public.


Fair points, MnM. Had a busy last week - diving deeper into how Bisq dispute resolution works - will get back with a more relevant pitch!