Export to cointracking.info

who can program and export from bisq so we can keep track of every purchase to my https://cointracking.info account???

So you want to export your trades to this site? When the Trading API is released, it will be possible to quite easily develop something for this.
I see that CSV file import is supported, the API returns its results in JSON so that just has to be transformed to CSV (and maybe filtered if necessary).

In short: it will be possible soon, if someone is interested in developing this let us know in this thread, I can help them further once the API is out.

Export of trade history to csv is in place already

Ah good to know :). Where can this be found? Account tab?


I’m looking to track my profit/loss trading and would like to know if there is there a way to configure what data gets exported to a csv file?

When I export my history to csv I get the following data in the csv file:

  • Trade ID
  • Date/time
  • Amount in BTC
  • Price
  • Amount
    -Offer Type

This doesn’t provide any info on fees (cost to trade). I’d like to get some data that is included in the contract such as the mining fee, and security deposit.

Any suggestions that I can pursue to access this info in my trade tracking system?

I don’t think there are any options to configure exporting unfortunately.
Might be something to create an issue about on GitHub as a feature request.

I just added a feature request on GitHub.


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