Extend the Transactions info tab

Right now you have date/time /“details”, adress, transaction id, amount and confirmations

My problems with the current state are:

  • the detail column in the export lacks the real details which i get once i hit the info-button next to it.

  • When i transfer off money, there is no way to record an exchange rate at all.
    I would love to manually enter the fiat & other coin equivalent to the transaction myself and/or the exchange rate with the system adding the missing part of that calculation automatically.

  • Money received. This often can be matched with my trades from the portfolio tab and if not should be asked for so we can record an exchange rate, fiat or altcoin equivalent for it.

Makes it easier to have all things in one export

Hi, if you go on Bisq-network/proposals on GitHub you can always make propositions about new changes. thank you

Github associates everything i do and like with an account, that is not what you would want.
Therefore i chose this more specific forum as the description of “support” also covers questions and suggestions

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@loko With each trade you get the conversion rate so you can get the info there. Do you also want it for every withdraw and deposit you make from and to Bisq?

Yeah, the JSON format is quite useless for most people. You can screenshot it. I use this for converting the info into PDF but I assume you’re looking for a more integrated and automatic process.

Yes,Withdraws and deposits too, to have it consistent and complete.