F2F Additional Info Recommendations?

I see an offer with an email listed in the additional info. Why would that be needed? Any input on best practice for F2F besides the ones listed in bisq F2F manual? Experiences? Red flags to watch for? Why are there not more F2F going on?

so I guess you did read https://docs.bisq.network/trading-rules.html#face-to-face-f2f-trading ?
If you have ideas about missing parts, please tell us.

F2F was introduced in august 2018 and there are indeed only ~10 F2F trades up to now.
But I do not remember peoples describing bad F2F experiences here.
Like for altcoins, my guess is that F2F trading on Bisq lacks market makers at first.
Which means there is room to do that.
A good reason to jump in if you’re interested !

I assume email is there so you can agree on where and when you will meet. It looks pretty standard to me to give someone your contact info if you are supposed to meet them in person.

F2F is indeed quite new. It is also unlike other payment methods very location specific. Bisq doesn’t have a lot of users currently, so there is not a high chance that two users that want to do F2F will be in the same location.

In creating an offer, it asks for contact info (email) which I assume is not public but only given to the offer taker (aliased like craigslist)? If this is not the case then contact info MUST be added to the terms/details. Providing email address would allow transactions outside of bisq which would be unprotected but not much difference than “in-network” I suppose.

It’s true that F2F trades require you to meet with a real human person. Actually having to interact with another human doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, it can be fun and rewarding to meet like minded people in your area, trade and transact with your neighbors. :smile:

I think Bisq is doing all of our communities a favor by offering a market place that allows for meeting ITRW.

Is this the real world?