Facebook group

I’ve noticed that there’s a Bitsquare FB group but it seems to be very poorly constructed and not really maintained. If anyone here is the owner could they reply here with view to adding me as a manager for the content please?

I’m familiar with creating and maintaining groups on Facebook.

Do you mean the Bitsuqare Japan Page? I think that has been created by @kenshishido.
Otherwise please post the link.


There’s also a Bitsquare commercial bank in South Korea

and several other non-financially related Bitsquare pages.

Ah thanks. My internet here is very slow…
Ah the https://www.facebook.com/bitsquareexchange/ was setup by myself, did not had a link here on my laptop and it was basically never used just set up for the case anyone want to become active on facebook.
I focus on Twitter, Forum, IRC and of course Github. Slack, Reddit, LinkedIn and Telegram are active as well and mainly maintained by other community members.
So feel free to become active at the facebook page. I will add u as mod as soon we are FB friends.

Does http://www.bitsquare.co.kr/ works for you? I cannot access it…

Just confirmed your friend request, thanks.

bitsquare.co.kr is a dead site, whois reports there’s no registry entry.

Just added u as mod there!

Thanks! I hope to make some improvements there soon.