Fail to withdraw BTC using Bisq client

I have issue to withdraw BTC using Bisq with fee rate of 1 sat. It seems it does not broadcast to the network. “Transaction not found” when I clicked on transaction id link under FUNDS → TRANSACTIONS. How to cancel it? It has been stuck here for a very long time.

1 sat fee is super low, not really surprising that it didn’t broadcast to the bitcoin network.
You may use 10 s/b or 5 s/b at very minimum.

I suggest you try Settings/Network Info/Resync SPV chain
to try to get your tx seable again.

Bitcoin nodes have a minimum relay fee, which is the minimum miner fee needed for a transaction to pay for Bitcoin Core nodes to even relay it to the rest of the network.

I think this minimum relay fee is set at 1 s/b by default, so you will need to use more than that. Even 2 might make it appear, although maybe still not enough to actually get it confirmed.

I am not aware the 1 sat/b min relay fee set by the Bisq BTC node I connected.

So is that I need to raise it to say like 5sat/b in settings, resync SPV data and then the transaction would be rebroadcasted to the bitcoin network?

I cannot see the corresponding address to withdraw from in my “SEND FUNDS” tab. How do I make my bisq client to reissue the withdrawal with a higher fees?

yes, at least I would try that.
Btw, the default withdrawal tx fee is 10 s/b in the Bisq client, not 1 s/b.

I just try the following, but seems the transaction still not pass through:

  1. reset the fee to default
  2. clean up and resync with SPV
  3. restart
  4. still not found the transaction in bitcoin explorer

I added a issue in the bisq github repo to suport RBF:

Can you retry withdrawing from inside Bisq ?
or is it not possible ?

How to do that?

I just meant trying to redo the exact same thing you did on your first post.

No, I cannot retry as I cannot see the corresponding address to withdraw in my “SEND FUNDS” tab.

What does a bitcoin explorer show for the Bisq wallet address ?
I presume the BTC are still there ?
If the BTC are still in your Bisq wallet, you can try to withdraw them with another software wallet, if you have one installed.

(when you use a bitcoin explorer, if you want to stay anonymous, better do that using torbrowser).

Thanks. I resort to use other software with RBF feature.

You can try using emergency wallet with cmd+e as well.
If not exporting private keys is always an option.