Failed taker after v1.8.0

Hey I just updated to v180. My trade partner may still be on a lower version. I went to “sell btc” tab and took a SEPA trade. This is the first time I selected “pay fees with BSQ” as I acquired some.
The trade seems to have failed, I can move it to “failed trades” but restarting it with btc-fees is disallowed for me since it “already exists”.

Anyway I got this error message when clicking the red exclamation icon on the left side of the screen:
“An error occurred at task: TakerVerifyAndSignContract Contracts are not matching”.

When I click the red exclamation icon on the right side of the screen it says:
“The taker fee transaction is missing”.

Exactly the same issue here - looks like a systemic problem in the latest release.

I also encountered exactly the same problem.

It is a inconsistency between version 1.7.x and 1.8.x. Users using different version of Bisq can not trade with each other anymore because of changed fields. A fix that should ensure the same version in a trade should be delivered soon. If you upgrade to the newest version then you should be fine.

Exactly, installing 1.8.0 is being requested now, as making 1.7.5 and 1.8.0 compatible would require development resources that might be better directed elsewhere, 1.8.0 will be the only supported version in a short while anyway.

I am on 1.8.0. Is there a way to ged rid of the failed transaction line sitting in Portfolio > Failed?

why would you want to? that’s part of your portfolio history, pretty much like the history pane