Failed to decode RSA key

When I close Bisq and attempt to restart it I’m presented with the following:

! Warning
Connecting to the Bisq network failed (reported error: Error reply: Failed to decode RSA key)

A good Samaritan on the IRC channel helped me figure out that if I delete the following directory I can get it to start again, but I’m hoping to find a permanent fix:


My Specs:
Platform: Pinebook Pro
OS: Manjaro (arm64)
Running Bisq inside a Debian Chroot because OpenJDK on Manjaro doesn’t support JavaFX.

Really looking forward to getting this working on this <$250 Linux laptop. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I went ahead and mentioned this issue on an already existing thread dealing with something similar.

Thanks for helping me get this to the people who can fix it. I attempted to create an issue on GitHub, but apparently new accounts can’t create issues.

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