Failed to find JVM in ~ runtime directory


Have had Bisq installed & been updating it for many months/yrs now. But latest update to Bisq-64bit-1.6.4 apparently/maybe got snagged/blocked by Windows Antivirus via its “Controlled Folder Access” feature. Now I’m getting the “Failed to find JVM in ~ ‘\AppData\Local\Bisq\app\runtime’ directory” error msg.

I went back to WindowsAV feature “Allow an app through Controlled Folder Access”…and “allowed” Bisq.exe…reinstalled (Run as Administrator) Bisq (several times)…but still get the error msg:

Would completely UNinstalling Bisq… then reinstalling be the most logical next step? Any consequences to this? (I have no trades pending).


Hi check out this recent Github thread might be useful [1.6.4] Issues with update on Windows · Issue #5474 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub