Failed to install v1.5.5 on Raspberry Pi 4, (Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop 64 bit)

There was an error message that sounded like the .deb package was for Intel/x64 processors not ARM.

I tried to install on Ubuntu rather than Raspberry Pi OS which is still 32 bit, the 64 bit version being still a beta …

I see that there is an out of date Snap version and also a jar zip file for Raspberry Pi

I am fairly new to Linux - I know that if a command does not work to try again with sudo in front :slight_smile: … I assume the jar is for us to build the software - are there any instructions on how to do this?


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Unfortunately there are no further instruction what to do with the pi zip.

I guess you have to unzip first the zip file and make sure you have Java installed on your pi.

Then you may try to start Bisq in the build/app/lib directory with:

java -cp “desktop-1.5.6.jar:*”

However I didn’t try it out and the instruction above are only some hints.

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