Failed trade and no refund of BTC or USD

Hello, I attempted a trade recently thru USPS Money Order, but the trade failed and now it’s sitting under Portfolio->Failed. I had used an old address and the seller said they sent the money order back to that address, however I never got it and now I have no way to communicate to the seller my new address. The trade is still sitting under Failed, haven’t even gotten the BTC I sent for security deposit back. This is my first failed trade, I’ve done a bunch of trades before without any major problems (some hiccups but all ultimately went thru and were successful). I’m not sure what to do next or who to contact to resolve this.

If the trade has a valid Deposit tx try to unfail the trade by selecting it and pressing ctrl+y. See this post for reference. Consider also reaching out to your mediator on Keybase since you cannot communicate with them through the Bisq software.