Failed Trade - BTC Locked

I was the buyer for a trade that ended up getting “stuck” where the deposit transactions were not taking place. I ended up getting mediation/support involved and the trade was proposed to be canceled. I then had the option to view proposed resolution and accept, which I did.

I’ve been in contact with the seller and he does not have any option to select anything. The trade is immediately showing as failed. At this point I have BTC that is still “locked” to this trade.

This is my first time using Bisq and I’m not sure what I need to do in order to resolve this. Heeellpp!

Please disregard this post. I ended up deleting SPV file and resyncing which resolved this.
Bisq client is now showing my BTC no longer locked.

Hi ive had the exact same issue, my last three trades failed and the last one locked funds. when you say you deleted spv do you mean delete and redownload Bisq?

thanks in advance for help