Failed trade (deposit tx not broadcasted) at v1.5.1


a transaction of mine says ‘seen by 0 peers / 0 confirmations’ since days.

How do I solve that? Can I re-submit the transaction? My BTC are also locked and there’s no way to cancel the trade on my side. And I don’t see the possibility to open a dispute.

The deposit transaction ID isn’t visible on

Your trade failed and it can’t be completed as there’s no deposit tx. Normally a spv resync or clicking the “failed trade” button should unlock your reserved funds at Bisq wallet, but since v1.5 and 1.5.1 this is not working.
Look if you have paid for trading fees for that trade and ask for a reimbursement of the trading fees if necessary.
Try a spv resync to unlock the funds, and if that doesn’t work (probably won’t) try to use ctrl+E to open emergency wallet and export your funds to another address. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to import your seed to another Bisq instance.