Failed trade - how to get funds back?

Hello, send 0.01 bitcoin too much than needed in a bitcoin sell trade,
now the trade status is “failed”; under transactions I can see that the funds (0.01 btc too much) were
received, then the fee off 0.001 has been subtracted and the the remaining funds were sent to an address unknown to me, but they do not show up as a balance in my account,
so where did they go to an how can I get funds from a failed trade back?


Hi Hasenbein, sounds a little confusing. Could you provide a screen shot?

hi hasenbein, that was probably a bug. when mkarrer comes back he should be able to open up support on bitsquare and you can make a ticket there with your faulty trade.

Can you send me an email with a screenshot if the trade details (open by clicking the trade id) as well as the trade transaction ids (offer fee, despoist tx,…)?