Failed trade


I initiated a trade that did not go through and I got this message below. I think the deposit was not confirmed that was sent to my bisq wallet, then I initiated the trade.

An error occurred at task: TakerProcessesInputsForDepositTxResponse
Exception message: Lock time of maker is more than 3 blocks different to the lockTime I calculated. Makers lockTime= xxxxx, myLockTime=yyyyy

So I initiated another trade with this person, but it wouldn’t let me use the same listing so I used a different one. Now I am waiting for this person to release the funds. I paid through zelle.

I am on day 1 of the 4 day timer… I see the transaction was instant on zelle…is it common people make you wait for one reason or another? I am getting no response through chat. It is kind of scary, is it related to the failed trade? I see there was a maker transaction id on the first failed one, and n/a for taker fee id, deposit trans id, and delayed payout id.


Actually the trade I refer to as failed is an open trade but it has an explanation point that is red, and a right racing red arrow where you can move it to failed trades. There is no information for trade process it is all greyed out. When you click the info only the maker transaction fee is populated, the other trans id say n/a

I don’t mind the failed trade, but the radio silence from the 2nd trade with this party is scaring me. I am hoping it is not related to this first trade. Is there anything I need to do to resolve this issue with the first trade?

The second trade. is it the exact same trade as the first one? Same trade id, same person etc? Radio silence is not indicative of foul play, in fact the trader does not need to answer and can wait for the entire trade duration.

Some traders will do that especially if your account is new.