Failed trades fee refund


Hey guys,

Is there a place where I can submit my failed trades to get the maker/taker fees back?

I don’t really bother about it when it happens once or twice, but they slowly start to stack up.


If they are failed due to bugs, you can contact @cbeams


They’ve got 2 types of error messages.

Half of them are: “A timeout occurred.”
The other half are: “An error occurred at task: BuyerAsTakerSignAndPublishDepositTx
Exception message: We got an onFailure from the peerGroup.broadcastTransaction callback.”

I’m not completely sure if the timeout ones count as bugs.


Hello @donacid,
Yes, please expose your issues here : .
This helps to have some tracking.

I think that failed trades fees are reimbursed. But I’m not 100% sure though.


Generally speaking, reimbursements happen via arbitration. You take the failed trade to arbitration with CMD+O and then your arbitrator analyzes the situation and creates an issue at on your behalf. If you cannot open a dispute with CMD+O, then you can create your own issue at Please follow convention with other open issues there, including the screenshots, and textual copy/paste of maker, taker and deposit transactions. For example, see and


Thanks for the clarification.

I’m gonna read up a bit on the other github reports, then I’ll submit the trades where I couldn’t open a ticket according to protocol.