Faster payment UK payee name waiting for confirmation

First time user

I have a trade in progress using UK Faster payments, 0.4 BTC

My online banking seemed to need a Payee reference, I read the other posts saying it isn’t required so went ahead an used the identifying code as the name, then sort code and account number, and added the identifying code as the payment reference as well…

I am now sweating as I watch the clock tick down on the payment confirmation wondering if I’ve done the wrong thing?? The money has left my account…

Ok, the transaction went through no problem, so that’s good!

could do with some clarification as to what should be entered under payee name on UK online banking.

My bank at least requires you to enter something under Payee name before it will allow you to add them as a Payee, maybe this is just a name for identification on the online system and is unused in the actual transaction process, if this is the case maybe just add it as a note when the receiver’s details are listed.