Feature: bitcoin seller can confirm receipt of altcoin when buyer fails to start payment

I am dealing with a new trader, obviously.

I sold Bitcoin for an Altcoin.
Buyer sent me the Altcoin but did not start the payment on Bisq.
The trade has time out and the only option for me is to start a dispute (or do nothing, I guess).

I am whole So is there any reason an honest seller in my situation should not be given deference to simply complete the trade?

This feature was requested before, but I am not sure of the response that it got from the devs.
It could be that the protocol was simply built that way and might require some work for it to be adjusted, but there might be some reason for it behind such a design, I can’t remember.

Maybe @ManfredKarrer can tell us more about it.

It happens maybe once in 1000 trades or even less. So I don’t see enough reason from that to spent dev resources on it, but any dev is welcome to implement it.