Feature request: 24/7 communication module (daemon) to keep open offers alive

Is it possible to split the Bisq software into

(1) a communication module (server or daemon) which can be run 24/7 as a service in the background (i.e. as a hosted docker container)


(2) a user interface (UI) module to setup and control trades, create offers to the orderbook(s), take care about the wallets, etc.

It’s not very user friendly having to run the Bisq software and computer equipment round the clock to keep open offers alive, especially for mobile users.

Going this step should increase the volumes of the orderbooks and decrease the spreads between buy and sell rates.
Let’s go big :slight_smile:

My understanding is that such a feature may be available when the API will be fully released.
But we’ll probable have to wait still a bit for that.
Also, to request features, the best place is always the github (where the devs are).