Feature Request: Bisq app "web interface"

Not sure if this has been posted/requested already (I did a search and couldn’t find it) so please excuse me if it has.

What would be really cool is the ability to have a Bisq Web interface hosted directly via the application and authenticate using windows authentication or via in-app user administration.

The idea would be that you could click a checkbox in bisq settings to ‘enable web interface,’ set a web port, setup a few users and then allow those users access to the bisq market via local web, VPN or whatever. The purpose being that you could access your own bisq install remotely, or, you could essentially setup your own private exchange for family and friends. Perhaps in later builds allow customized layouts, themes etc.

Anyway, just an idea - thanks!

Since the very last version release, v0.8.0, yesterday,
Bisq offers mobile notification.
See : https://docs.bisq.network/bisq-mobile.html

It is very very fresh and may still have some little issues, but it’s here and working.

Cool, I appreciate that! I was just throwing the idea out there as something that maybe the community, as a whole, could get behind. I figure that one of the biggest barriers to entry for crypto is non-technical users getting exposure and a great way would be via word of mouth and this would facilitate that I think.

Example use-case: You talk to a friend that doesn’t know a lot about it but is interested in crypto - you could easily just give him a link to your bisq server with some basic instruction and in a short amount of time he’d he be up and running.

I’m a bit skeptic.
On your bisq desktop appli, you have personal credentials, access to bitcoin/altcoin addresses, fiat account info, etc.
Share such access with friends seems me quite delicate.
There’s a saying in many countries :
“You can make friends with bizness … but better avoid bizness with friends”.
If you protect badly your account, maybe you’ll even get other people in than your friends.

If you want to do something for your friends, show them the appli, help them for installation, organize a crypto-party speaking about bisq (we may help you with suggestions).
But sharing wallet access etc … bad idea imo.

PS: we now also have a channel on our slack, dedicated to bisq-mobile.

I agree with Homrad here. Bisq shouldn’t be hosted for other users, it creates centralization which is exactly what Bisq was built against.

This would centralize the network and would bring all the issues with centralization, such as security and privacy issues.

Bisq API is still in development, as far as I know and eventually you might be able to create such a web interface your self, however I wouldn’t advise it.
API is probably more intended for personal use, so you can trade automatically and it’s security model might expect that.

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It would be cool to have BISQ on my VPS that could be accessed through SSH/VPN or something smart.

It’s absolutely possible to install Bisq on a VPS.
(But if you care about privacy, choose carefully your provider.)

With the APIs (WIP) that is possible.

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A somewhat old thread but something similar to this can be deployed right now with VNC. The GUI for Bisq probably wouldnt tax the talky vnc channel too terribly much, but setting up security through an ssh tunnel would be too much for beginners. And using it on a touchscreen phone would be unbearable beyond simply confirming trades.