Feature Request: Delete Bitcoin Address

Could you please add the ability to delete Bitcoin addresses in my Funds tab? There’s a “Generate New Address” button, but no way to delete. I have two addresses I’d like to get rid of.

Perhaps there could be an option to hide a certain address in your UI without touching the wallet instead.

Later you could always unhide them to see all addresses in your wallet.

Why not a delete option though? It wouldn’t let you delete a wallet that currently had a balance. Seems pointless to be able to generate infinite addresses but not delete them.

Barring that though, a hide option would also be nice.

I don’t know, I always thought it to be risky to delete private keys.
I personally never delete wallets, I just encrypt them with gpg and keep them somewhere safe, just in case I need those keys again one day.

Though it is likely harder for devs to mess around with wallet format and risky if they were to make some mistake. UI option is just a safer way I guess and if you want to start again with a new wallet, you can just encrypt he old one in the data directory and generate a new one.

You could create an issue on github for this, since devs don’t always check the forum that often. UI devs might find this a good idea as well :slight_smile:

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