Feature request: exchange bitcoin for goods, not money

Hi, I have a question. Suppose I don’t have dollars, I have bitcoin, I want to buy (say) a bed on Amazon with bitcoin. Is it possible to extend Bisq to ask someone to buy the bed on Amazon and deliver it to my address? He pays Amazon out of his bank account. After the bed arrives, I pay him bitcoin. If I cheat and not pay him bitcoin after the package arrives, he shows the Amazon receipt to the arbitrator and the arbotrator gives my 100% deposit to him. If he cheats and does not ship, the arbitrator asks him for the Amazon shipment receipt, he can’t produce it and the arbitrator releases the deposit of both parties. Is there something like this already? Would it be possible to add this feature to Bisq? :slight_smile:

I think that maybe that’s spreading Bisq too thin.
Openbazaar is a market place that uses bitcoin but I’m not sure the exact case you describe is possible there.
There are, however, some companies that will sell you a Amazon gift card for bitcoin. Bitrefill being one of them.


I’m a bit curious about ways to keep privacy while simultaneously having physical goods been delivered on some physical place …