Feature request: manually set max time to execute trade

Having a 24-hour window to execute (or alternatively, to abandon) a trade creates a lot of risk for those selling cryptocurrencies, because the prices are so volatile.

Sure, you can price that risk, but buyers won’t necessarily understand why prices are 10-30% higher than other markets, and they’ll probably just bail on Bisq if that is the solution.

One alternative would be to let the seller limit the amount of time available to execute a trade. For example, on localbitcoins.com, this defaults to 90 minutes. Even this is too long in many cases.

Bitmex did some research on this (obviously they have a vested interest in discouraging the use of any DEX at the expense of their service, but that does not ipso facto invalidate their arguments):

This has also been raised on this forum:

@KramerAssMan ,
Thanks for your input.
The best if you are interested with this idea is probably to submit it as a proposal on Bisq’s github
-> https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals
It will then be discussed. And may be implemented if there is a majority of contributors in favor of it.

This is why you can set a custom security deposit to as high as you want, to mitigate the risk.
Trader is obligated to followup on the trade when he takes the offer and if he doesn’t the other trader can get his security deposit as a collateral.

This feature could still be useful, but higher security deposits should solve this problem just as well.