Fee + dust output

I have installed the latest version Bitsquare-64bit-

I get the attached error message when I try to create a sell order. I don’t understand what it means. I am doing the same as I have done previously, but now I get this message.

could you of put up a tiny offer by mistake?

Not sure I understand what you mean, but basically it is not possible to create a sell offer. This error message appears every time.

Damn, there was an error as the trade fee is lower then the tx fee. I will prepare another release. Sorry guys was a late night release yesterday before going on “holiday”… but seems there is no holiday :wink:

Hi Manfred, you can ignore the error report emails I sent you on this. I’m just gonna downgrade to for now. Thanks.

I fear that the tx fee with the version will lead to long periods for confirmations. but depends on the blockchain cogestion… also users who updated cannot trade with users of the old version as the tx fee need to be the same. but of course up to the users to decide what to prefer… not good solutions unfortunately atm.