Feedback System

Do you plan on implementing a feedback system/score kind of thing?
I would pretty much appreciate to see how many successful trades a user already made.
Otherwise: amazing project/software, I am using it frequently for 2 months now!

Yes, is kind of planned, though too much else to do first…
You can see the trade statistics in the overview.

Which overview do you mean?

Ah sorry Markets (first menu item left)…

One thing that worries me about this is that maybe there will be a time where you will have to sacrifice reputation against anonymity. I mean, if I’m the only Canadian who made +50 positive trades last year and someone sees an offer made by a Canadian guy who made +50 trades, I will be pretty sure who’s the guy who put that order. Then some databases will be created with the users of Bitsquare and nothing good will come from that.
In case reputation system is implemented, something like “burning” a user account exporting your reputation to a new one might be something to consider. I thought Feedback / reputation systems where not on the horizon because this was going to be a pure game theory ruled platform.

It is a complicate topic. There are some ideas how to do it decentralized (WoT) but needs more thought and analysis. Atm there is too much else on the prio list…

maybe it would help if showing your feedbackscore could be optional