Fiat money transfer confirmation

Hi everyone,

I would like to know a curiosity that came to my mind while making some cryptocurrency purchases on Bisq: what prevents a user from declaring that he has never received a fiat money transfer, for example, even when it has actually been sent?
Thanks in advance for the clarification!

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For anyone with the same curiosity as me, I found the answer here (paragraph "Notarized" bank site).


But im still curios, what to proof if you have only a “mobile bank” with only app but no online banking? screenshots prevent.

I would answer you to buy a PC! :slight_smile:
Seriously, given that some banking apps (for example N26, if I’m not mistaken) allow the user to enable screenshots through the app settings.
Another way that would come to mind would be to use the phone browser (for example Firefox) to access your home banking and then use it with the same (or almost) functions that you would have from a PC. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry, but every Bisq user must have a PC. The problem is, there exist banks that have access via their app only and do not provide online banking site. (n26 has both) For “mobile only bank” I could only take screenshots or photo of the app screen. But I wonder if this is accepted as enough proof in case of mediation? At end of month I might request to receive a bank statement pdf.

Very true, right observation! How is it done in those cases?