Fiat payment and Anonymity

I am relatively new to Bisq and have some questions regarding anonymity of bitcoin to fiat trade.

I am looking for purchasing some bitcoin (from fiat) anonymously, and I found Zelle to be the payment method that is most available to me. However, based on my previous experience of using Zelle, the receiver is able to see my real name and phone number (or email). According to the documentation, I am required to fill my name on the Zelle account (which will be my real name) on Bisq, and that information will be sent to the seller to verify the payment. This all looks reasonable from Bisq’s perspective, but the problem is that the seller now has my private information (real name, phone or email). If the seller is malicious (e.g. a government’s agent disguised as a seller with the intent to track bitcoin trades, aka honeypot) or get compromised (e.g. a criminal group that sells bitcoin coming from illegal source and get caught by government agency, and the government has control of both their Bisq and banking account), then my private information is leaked and can be used against me (e.g. unwanted government investigation or ransom/harassment).

Are there any measure in Bisq to prevent or mitigate this risk? What is the payment methods that provides the highest level of anonymity (it’s OK to sacrifice some level of convenience)?

I already read the following post and discussions

Welcome to Bisq.

Some payment methods on Bisq require you to share personal information with your counterparty (Name, email, phone number, bank details etc).

This information is only shared with your counterparty.

If you have any concerns you can do some of the following:

  • Use an email and/or phone number just for that particular payment method
  • Use a more anonymous payment method (cash by mail, face to face, Amazon eGift Voucher, US money order).

The payment methods above with provide you with options to buy/sell with out any KYC for the payment method in question.

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