Fidor Bank UK - Use of ID in Reference

I just opened an account with Fidor Bank UK as it is supposed to be bitcoin-friendly, but in order to make a payment to my account in a ‘timely’ manner it says my Fidor ID must be included as the transaction reference. Other reference data can be included before or after this ID.

Does anybody have any experience of how long it takes if you don’t do this, or is there any way to request this be added to the reference field when using Bitsquare?

Also does anybody know if this means it isn’t a normal ‘national bank transfer’? I can check that with Fidor themselves but if someone here already knows that would be useful.

From Bitsquare side you can simply add it to the trade id in the reference text.

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Oh ok good, I thought the trade id had to be left as it was, thanks for the info.

Sorry, maybe I’m being really stupid but I can’t work out how to add something to the trade id when creating an offer.

Not to the trade ID in Bitsquare, just when you add the trade ID in the ref. text at the bank webpage, add any other info with a space or so. If u have enough space u can add a comment. But better at the end as banks might cut after a few chars. You know they use IT from the 70s where storing a string was expensive :-).

The problem is I need the other person to add my reference when sending me money to buy bitcoin.

The Fidor ID is the account ID right?
So the sender need to include the Fidor ID of the receiver when he send fiat. He need to add that to the trade ID in the reference txt at hiw bank webpage. I might add it in the payment accounts as well but then I need a bit more info to know when it is a Fidor account (e.g. BIC). I could add that to a new release if it makes sense, so the users just get prfilled the ref. text automatically correctly. But if my first assumption is right (Fidor ID is the account ID) the sender has all the data he just need to do it manually correctly. But sure prefilled would be better. Just need to know all the details and have too many other hi prio stuff on the table atm.

Sure, I know you must be very busy as you’ve certainly got a lot to work on, and this isn’t a high priority.

The Fidor ID they want included in the reference field is different from the account number and sort code (BIC). I don’t know what it is or why they need it when nobody else does.

Ah ok. then we need an extra payment method, but then u prob. dont wan to limit to FIDOR-FIDOR only, so it should be optional. Which makes all a bit more complicate. So fear that need to wait a bit…

Ok cool, as long as it takes is fine, I don’t want to slow you down on all those other things you’re working on as I’m looking forward to a lot of them as well :wink: