FifthThird/Flagstar Bank (midwest USA) on Zelle...?

Hey Bisq-ers… new user here, just downloaded the software and finding my way around.

Noticed there’s ZELLE option on here and my bank, FifthThird in Michigan does offer this service BUT I noticed on the Bisq setup for it, the popup box only listed some OTHER banks and not 5/3rd.

Is this correct -or- any national bank participating in “Zelle” should be okay?

What do I need to do (if anything) to get 5/3 Bank listed/approved to use with Bisq? The warning dialog box said if it’s not all set up right I’d lose my deposit or something SO don’t wanna just TRY it and see if there’s a chance it’ll crap out and fail and cause some problem that loses money… I’m sure y’all can understand.

So, thank for comments or advice/replies.

You should make sure that Zelle really works when you use your bank to send to to other bank accounts over Zelle and vice versa.

If Zelle really works as it should with other banks and other users on Bisq, there is no risk in using it, we could even add it to the list.
However, someone really needs to test that banks Zelle support before we know for sure, since I think some banks falsely advertised use of Zelle in the past.

I had the same issue. I just decided to give it a shot with my unlisted bank (PNC) and haven’t had any problems yet after many transactions.
If you want to try it out, put up a small sell offer at 0%, and it will get taken pretty quickly as there aren’t many willing sellers at the current low prices. If I see it, I’ll take it, and if it doesn’t work, we can request the arbitrator to cancel the trade.

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OK thanks, I’ll do that ASAP.

Problem is at the moment I don’t even have ANY “btc” to set up an offer for the small deposit. So I have to go get some for that, probably will have to use the BTM machine at the corner gas station here but those fuckers are charging like 20% on that, grrr. So have to be bare minimum buy there to just get my Bisq setup finally done (so then I can buy at fair prices again LOL)

Anyway, thanks. Will do all this ASAP and get back 2 u here :slight_smile:

P.S. {Edit} Update: actually I just switched my Zelle account from FifthThird to FLAGSTAR Bank in Michigan. FifthThird pissed me off: the branch manager where I bank called me to bitch about some bitcoin transactions their “compliance department” noticed with Coinbase. Talk about “timing” LOL if these fuckers gonna close my account on me over “crypto”…??? So, NOW more than EVER imma get myself going on Bisq!

So I’ll be back ASAP to try and get all set up for Zelle and hopefully do a small test transaction with someone here… thanks :sunglasses:

Ramones fifty third and third.

Umm… hmm. Shit, only SIX offers to sell BTC on the board now?

And only two using Zelle, asking for 35% and 45% markup??

Umm… yeah. No.

The fucking ripoff bitcoin ATM at the gas station here taking 20% is a better deal than THAT!

Combined with the recent controversy of banning BCH here IS THIS THE BEST BISQ CAN DO?

HONESTLY I just discovered this platform, being in crypto over four-plus years now: I started buying BTC after the first $1000-peak runup, bought all the way down to $150 (DCA’ed to $550 average) and Rode The Snake up last year thru $20K and now back DOWN to where we are today.

I’ve BEEN AROUND, in other words… I know what’s goin’ on in crypto. I am OG basically. Go look me up on BTCTalk board, I first registered/posted there in April 2014.

But before just a few days ago I’d never even HEARD of BISQ… maybe vaguely recall hearing some mention of “bitsquare” once or twice but nothing that really registered or stuck.

And honestly, I like it! So far… it looks good with a lot of potential, at first review…


Srsly you guys… it kinda looks like it may be fucking up here, y’all kinda losing the plot in the details.

So should I even BOTHER trying to get GOING on this platform or what, really?


Bisq is a P2P only exchange. All offers are posted by regular users, like yourself and nobody else.

Bisq users have to create offers constantly in order for the offerbook to be filled with good offers. You can’t just take offers and expect there to always be good ones. Sometimes you need to be the one that creates a good offer.

Otherwise Bisq is not as big as many other centralized exchanges. It needs users to have liquidity. Bisq team does it’s best to organize liquidity events where many users post offers at the same time, but mostly devs just offer the code. It is up to us, users, to make good use of this platform.

It is up to us, users, to make good use of this platform.

Thanks Alex… but yeah that’s kinda my point I guess.

Devs of the platform go out of their way to alienate the entire BCH community for what appears to be no good reason, and we users are expected to just shrug and say oh okay whatever.

The platform won’t thrive unless it can be used by ANYONE for ANYTHING they want.

That does not appear to be a driving motive here.

Which is very SAD, really.

Because I am impressed by this project and I hate to see it’s going to waste.

Someone needs to fork this puppy and make a version that is BITCOIN CASH FOCUSED PRIMARY.

Let’s call it BisqCash as I’ve seen already suggested by others!

Who can do this? I am not a dev so I got NO IDEA how it’s done but if someone does it, I’ll contribute money or beta testing time or graphic design or ANYTHING I CAN TO HELP IT SUCCEED!!!

Anyone? Who’s with me…?

Well, I think people should have their freedom of choice, both users and developers.

There really isn’t much use of discussing specific cryptocurrencies anymore in Bisq, since devs have been trying to develop an off-chain trading protocol using BSQ tokens. That means no base currency if that was your issue.

Either way, there isn’t much use of fighting in my opinion about these things.
If it is useful, someone will create it, but there really isn’t much that would be different if devs felt the other way around about Bitcoin Cash. Vast majority of users still use Bitcoin primarily, so it would almost certainly still remain the backbone for BSQ colored tokens.

Bitcoin Cash market was never really big on Bisq either, so there isn’t much impact in removing it. Monero is huge for Bisq, but other altcoins not that much.

hmm yeah I guess you’re right… it probably doesn’t matter that much since adoption is so LOW in any case.

SO that begs the question WHAT needs to HAPPEN to get ADOPTION here INCREASED?

Personally I’m sick to death of the banks telling people they can’t do transactions with even COINBASE, i.e. a fully USA-based licensed regulated KYC/AML-Up-The-Ass big-brother business.

Crypto NEEDS to get SEVERAL good solid reliable decentralized exchanges GOING STRONG.

This one Bisq could be one of 'em.

Why isn’t it? What’s gotta happen for the usage here to increase exponentially, A.S.A.P…?

… certainly not lamenting post after post.

…and this comment is helpful/productive, how?