Filling out Money Order?

I like being able to send a money order option!

However before I pull the trigger on a btc purchase, do I need to fill out my name/info as the sender or purchaser on the money order?
I realize it might might make it more difficult for a person to cash it. However if they leave it blank they could just put their name like they wrote it to themselves??

If I understand correctly, if you’re buying BTC you’re the one sending the money. So like a letter you’d fill the info of who you are sending the money to and where it’s coming from.

In the image bellow you’d put your info on the right and the recipient’s on the left:

I worded my question badly.

I know HOW to fill a money order.
But you can cash a money order without the money order purchasers info. I can give someone a money order with no ones Info, and they can just put their recipient info and cash it.
Just wondering if it was a requirement to put my info as the order purchaser is all.

I guess I should to makes things smoother and there’s not much reason not too. I just dont like my name being redundantly on everything

Don’t take this as the rule but I’d take any chance to avoid sharing my personal details and use an alias when creating the account on Bisq and write that information on the Money Order.

No, if you don’t need to put a name on the package, don’t.
You have better privacy then.

As long as you fill the right info in the Bisq client and follow other stated rules of trading, you will be fine.